Combi-WR & Combi-WR4
Walkie Reach Stacker


The first purpose built 4-way pedestrian reach stacker combining multi-directional travel, innovative features and effortless operation, even in the most demanding environments.

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Combi-WR4 - optional 4 way stacker available


For the handling of lighter loads, many operations increasingly favour the use of pedestrian trucks or walkie reach stackers which offer a number of advantages over ride-on forklifts. In response the Combi-WR Walkie Reach stacker was released, the first purpose built 4-way pedestrian reach stacker which combines multi-directional travel with innovative features.

technician walks Combi-WR reach walkie in warehouse

The Combi-WR is the only Walkie reach stacker with the ability to operate in a VNA or very narrow aisles down to an aisle-width of 2m pallet to pallet.

Winner of the FLTA Award for Ergonomics 2014

Combi - WR Spec Sheet

To Download the Combi - WR Spec Sheet

Innovative Technology

Incorporating the benefits of AC technology in its traction, pump and steering motors, the Combi-WR has a lift height that can be tailored to your application with load capacities up to 1,450kg.

Electronic power steering and fingertip controls ensure effortless operation, even in the most demanding environments.


Safety First

Safety was of paramount importance when developing the Combi-WR and the design incorporates a number of features to ensure utmost safety not only for the operators but also for other personnel as well as members of the public who may be in the vicinity.

The unique patented multi-position tiller enables push button rotation of the rear wheel, allowing the operator to remain in the safest possible position when placing and picking in narrow aisles, which is at the side of the unit. 

This improves forward visibility and greatly reduces the risk of incidents in tight confines. This and its excellent ergonomics make it easy and stress free to operate

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  • Unique pedestrian Walkie reach-stacker
  • AC electric motor
  • Electronic steering and fingertip controls for precise handling
  • Works in a standard VNA working aisle, down to 2.1m
    pantograph reach
    side shift and tilting fork

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